The Polar Bears Are Here!

Enjoy a virtual trip to the Canadian subarctic!

For a collection of just "some" of my favorite photos from our November 2008 polar bear adventure, check out the Eismeisters of Churchill gallery.

If you are curious about our accommodations on this trip, check out the Tundra Buggy Lodge gallery. For photographs of life on the Tundra Buggy that we used to look for bears and other wildlife, check out the Buggy Life gallery. For video footage of life at the Tundra Buggy Lodge and roaming the tundra on a buggy, see this clip.

Specific behavioral galleries are at Nursing and Playing and Dancing on the Tundra.

If you have not had enough, you can also check out the Pictorial Journal galleries. In addition to providing a day-by-day chronicle of our trip, many of these galleries contain sequences of photos that tell stories about the bears we saw on the tundra.

And finally, click here for video footage of some of the bears we saw during our four days on the tundra.


  1. Hi, We will be doing the same trip this November and your blog/photo really provide a lot of useful information! I was wondering how you plan the Winnipeg part of the trip, where did you stay and how did you arrange the transportation?
    Thanks a lot! TC

  2. Reply to Tien-Chien Chen ... glad you enjoyed the blog/photos. We planned the Winnipeg portion of the trip ourselves. We used miles for the air travel to Winnipeg. For us, all of the best air itineraries were through Chicago. We didn’t want to have to switch hotels when it was time to join up with the group, so we opted to stay at the Sheraton Four Points at the Winnipeg Airport as this was the hotel where Frontiers North was putting us up before and after Churchill. (The rooms with city-view are very quiet with no airport noise.) The hotel is about a 15-minute drive to the city center; we found it to be pretty centrally located to the places we visited while in Winnipeg. We were planning to rent a car anyway, so staying at the airport worked out just fine. Picking up and returning the rental was easy – practically next door to the hotel.

  3. Hi,
    Your photos are fabulous! Your blog was very informative. I'll be doing this trip in November. I'm not going with a photography specific group. Do you have any tips for shooting in the white-on-white environment? Do you have a must see in Winnipeg?

  4. Patty, glad you enjoyed the photographs and the blog.

    To answer your question about white-on-white photography: Crank up your ISO to what’s reasonable with your camera if it's overcast (with my SLRs, I was able to go to 1000 without noticeable noise) and add exposure for white-on-white photography and take it away when shooting bears in the willows. A few other tips: hand warmers do wonders to extend battery life; tripods are much too cumbersome to use inside the buggy (on the outside deck as well if the buggy is crowded), consider a bean bag instead.

    Must sees in Winnipeg: I'm not sure I'd consider any of these a must, but if you have the time ... the ruins of St Boniface Cathedral; the riverside promenade at The Forks; Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park.

    Have a wonderful time; I'd love to see your photographs if you care to share when you return.