Teaser: Eminently Walkable … and Bikeable

Monday, 14 July
Helsinki, Finland

And not only do we have the aching feet to prove it, we have a picture too!

No wheels for us, so we stuck to our side of the marked sidewalks as we roamed around Helsinki today.  Sidewalks like the one pictured here are found all over the city … and everyone obeys the signage!

Not a divided highway … but a divided sidewalk!

Tomorrow, we begin the first leg of our trip back to the US!

Teaser: Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo

Sunday, 13 July
Helsinki, Finland

Taking advantage of a lovely post-expedition day in Helsinki, we spent the afternoon at Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo [Seurasaari Open-Air Museum] … located on a beautiful, forested island just a few miles from the heart of the city.

The Bell Tower of Karunan Kirkko [Karuna Church]

Tomorrow is the last ‘fun’ day of our summer vacation.

Teaser: At the Top of the World

Sunday, 6 July
Geographic North Pole — 90° North

At 4:29a (GMT +2) on 6 July 2014, the Russian nuclear icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy [50 Years of Victory] attained the North Pole … the 103rd surface vessel to do so … with Two to Travel aboard.

Attaining the Geographic North Pole was the ultimate Arctic Adventure, but being aboard an icebreaker for the experience was a highlight in and of itself.

Words fail me!

Two to Travel’s Ultimate Arctic Experience!

[Our fantastic adventure is over, and we are back in Helsinki, Finland …
more to come when we return home around the middle of July!]

Teaser: Our Goal — the North Pole

Tuesday, 1 July
En Route to Murmansk, Russia

I mentioned in previous posts that the next segment of our 2014 summer travels would be taking us to the Arctic.  What I didn’t say is that our planned destination is 90° North.  Yes, that would be the North Pole!

From Helsinki, Finland to Murmansk, Russia …  where we will
embark on our expedition voyage to the North Pole.

Don’t expect to have an internet connection, so you’ll have to wait until we return to civilization for more on our ultimate Arctic adventure.  See you mid-July!

Teaser: Porvoo

Saturday, 28 June
Helsinki, Finland

A 30-mile (50 km) bus ride east of Helsinki took us to Porvoo, one of six medieval towns in Finland.  Established in 1346, it carries the distinction of being the second oldest town in the country.

The red ochre warehouses lining the banks of
Porvoonjoki [Porvoo River] are a landmark of the town.

We have rain in the forecast for tomorrow … may have to visit a couple of museums to stay dry.